HERO Black Clay Shampoo Packs A One-Two Punch

Eufora HERO for Men™ Black Clay Shampoo addresses dry scalp and the environment with naturally strong and sustainable ingredients.

The “pandemic blues” have become an accepted part of daily life, but. as with every cloud. there is a silver lining. Since the onset of COVID-19 it seems we have all embraced a heightened sense of caring for Mother Earth as well as ourselves.  Consumer behavior shows that, while we still want to look good, feeling good about the product choices we make is top of mind. With so many great beauty products out there, why not choose those that have the added benefit of a planet friendly philosophy? A well-balanced combination of today’s beauty and Mother Earth’s tomorrow packs a solid one-two punch when it comes to responsible beauty.

Perfectly poised to meet the needs of a “clean” and eco-conscious consumer, Eufora International was founded in 1997 on a people and planet friendly platform. With eco-friendly embedded in their DNA, Eufora continues to evolve their earth-friendly practices, seeking to source new and notable fair trade materials that can be sustainably harvested in a fair and humane fashion. 

The creation of  Eufora HERO for Men™ (HERO) Black Clay Shampoo was born from this philosophy.  Eufora Research and Development was tasked by the Marketing Team to investigate people and planet friendly ingredients and apply the most advanced technology available to raise the bar in treating dry scalp concerns. The goal was to create a naturally derived product proven to soothe scalp irritation, reduce dry flakes, and deter excessive scalp oil. Months of research and lab testing revealed two winning ingredients that set the new standard.

The first, Kaolin Black Clay, is the supercharged ingredient primarily responsible for the product’s efficacy. Clinically tested Kaolin Black Clay has a rich composition of mineral salts and oligoelements essential for healthy-looking skin and a well-balanced metabolism. 


  • Prevents skin aging 
  • Reduces the oiliness of the skin and scalp
  • Remineralizes the skin to aid in the reduction of dryness and flaking

As an impressive irritation inhibitor, Kaolin Black Clay scores high marks, and also checks the sustainability box.  Eufora’s Kaolin Black Clay is harvested in Brazil with a selective process that respects and maintains the region’s biodiversity.  The mining sites are either regionally replanted, or the area is converted into a waterway to support the local fish farmers. 

Rosebay Extract was then tapped as a partner to Kaolin Black Clay. It is sourced in the northern hemisphere where it rapidly and naturally self-replenishes, earning it its nickname, Firebush, because it thrives in areas previously damaged by fire. 


  • Excellent natural inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase - an enzyme produced in humans that can lead to hair loss. (A  common concern of most men.) 
  • A natural anti-irritant, aiding in sensitive skincare and scalp health.
  • Reduces the appearance of dryness and flaking.

Two powerhouse ingredients paired with award-winning HERO technology launched the latest shampoo option into the HERO family of products, all of which are FREE OF the not-so -great stuff like parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil and talc.  


  • Kaolin Black Clay
  • Rosebay Extract
  • Aloe Vera
  • Licorice Root Extract
  • Coenzyme Q10

HERO Brand Manager, Doug Smith, reiterates the goal that remains top of mind as Eufora looks to expand the HERO brand.  “ It' may sound cliche, but it’s not just about putting out another product that works. That’s easy. It’s really about taking ownership of our future - being a positive contributor to our world and helping to protect both people and planet for generations to come. “

For more information on HERO Black Clay Shampoo, and it’s counterpart, HERO Exfoliating Treatment, or to learn more about scalp care and hair loss prevention, follow HERO at @eufora.hero for Instagram or /EuforaHero for Facebook or visit https://eufora.net/collections/hero-for-men.

About Eufora
In a category that’s crowded with rampant brand over promising, the Eufora voice stands out as honest, real and personal.   It takes its cues from the vision of company founders, Don and Beth Bewley, who, in 1997, started a hair care company built on a foundation of passion, integrity and caring for the professional salon world. Today Eufora is recognized globally for a vision that extends beyond the innovation of people and planet friendly products, delivering on a promise to provide incomparable leadership programs and technical training to nurture and grow the next generation of salon professionals. To learn more please visit www.eufora.net.

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Kathleen Summers

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