Icy Cool is Icy Hot

Eufora Color Revive provides a bespoke treatment for the season’s trendiest icy cool grey and blonde tones.

While icy cool steel grey blondes are all the rage, getting that killer color often leaves the hair in a delicate state. Another challenge - the cooler the tone, the more challenging it is to keep the color “on point” in between salon visits.  Inevitably, shampooing, styling and environmental stressors will begin to “wear” on any fresh from the salon color, revealing unwanted underlying tones and brassiness.  The solution?  Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive Treatment from Eufora. Color Revive comes in four shades, but Color Revive Blonde is the ideal tonal treat for anyone trying to keep cool colors looking both icy and super shiny.

Why a color treatment, and not a color shampoo? Color shampoos are designed to remove oil and debris from the hair, and, once rinsed out, leave only a small amount of color control behind. As a treatment, Color Revive is designed to penetrate and deposit into the outer layer of the hair strand (the cuticle layers) delivering conditioning and toning capabilities all in one product. 


    • Inula Extract: Contains Glycolipids, a unique delivery system to help color penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, increasing color intensity, vibrancy and shine.
    • ALL Plant Essence of Sage and Thyme: Botanical derivatives promote overall hair health and work synergistically to soothe the scalp , nourish the hair follicle and improve the condition of weak, damaged and brittle hair.
  • Eufora Essential Oil Blend: A proprietary combination of essential oils provide a soothing aromatherapy experience.

  • What you should know. Not all hair is created equal. Different levels of blonde require different care, so Eufora recommends customizing the Color Revive Treatment based upon both hair condition and color tone. For generally healthy hair, use Color Revive full strength 1 - 2 times per week depending on how often you shampoo. After shampooing, work Color Revive through hair. Allow to penetrate for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with tepid water and follow with a lightweight moisturizer.  For color control on porous or fragile hair, mix Color Revive with a favourite Eufora conditioner. This will help prevent uneven absorption of pigment. You can adjust the ratio of Color Revive to conditioner until the ideal amount of deposit or tone control is attained. 

     For maximum color penetration plus deep conditioning benefits, cocktail Color Revive with Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque. Work the color cocktail through damp hair, allow it to penetrate for 25-30 minutes, then rinse well.

     Eufora Color Development Manager, Joanne Rempel, shares this helpful hint for those with exceptionally long locks.  “If you have long hair, the ends are probably more porous, meaning they will grab any color enhancing product more quickly and could deposit too much pigment.  To help control the deposit of Color Revive, apply Moisture Masque to the ends of the hair, then apply Color Revive to the area near roots and work down the hair strand. This works best by tipping your head forward or back to avoid getting on your ends.”

     For more icy cool color tips and tricks follow @euforapro or visit www.eufora.net.

    About Eufora
    In a category that’s crowded with rampant brand over promising, the Eufora voice stands out as honest, real and personal.   It takes its cues from the vision of company founders, Don and Beth Bewley, who, in 1997, started a hair care company built on a foundation of passion, integrity and caring for the professional salon world. Today Eufora is recognized globally for a vision that extends beyond the innovation of people and planet friendly products, delivering on a promise to provide incomparable leadership programs and technical training to nurture and grow the next generation of salon professionals. To learn more please visit www.eufora.net.

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