Neutrals Are More Than Nice

This fall Eufora “highlights” a fabulous and fashionable neutral color story.

No need to ask about the color trends for Fall 2020. From New York to Paris the colors of the season showed up as sophisticated and subdued. Both warm and cool tones graced the runway, and they shared an earth inspired story. Neutrals inspired by nature. The colors of fall leaves, icy streets, hot toddies and winter fruit all rolled into one scrumptious story.

The subtleties of hue often change with the season, and just the thought of fall approaching can bring to mind new neutrals..... blondes with everything from glowing and warm Autumn Wheat highlights to fabulously frosty hues of Winter Wheat. So much color to explore in a new, neutral way!

According to licensed stylist and EuforaColor Brand Manager Doug Smith, "Formulating Neutrals is so much easier than many stylists think. It comes down to basic color theory; neutral is blending two tones from opposite sides of the color wheel. For example, equal parts of gold and violet will create a gorgeous neutral tone. From there, the artistry kicks in, tweaking your formula for custom results. Want titanium? Add a small chocolate chip of blue black to your formula. Want golden wheat? Add more gold to your formula." 

Which neutral is best? Equally beautiful, Smith suggests that neutral selections be customized to complement the skin tone and lifestyle of the wearer. Whatever neutral rings true, half the fun is exploring a fresh fall color palette. Early inspiration, courtesy of Eufora Color Development Manager, Joanne Rempel, sets the tone for a stunning season ahead. Complete step by step techniques are available for both upon request and can also be found at

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