"Powerful Connections"

Dear Eufora Nation,

WOW! If there was ever a time when I knew, without the slightest doubt, that Eufora was headed in the right direction, it was after seeing Global Connection 2019 come to life.

I’ll be honest… I was worried about this show. Back in 2016, Global Connection was about celebrating the amazing life and career of my husband Don. It was a very special moment. This year, I knew that we had to bring something powerful, new and groundbreaking to our audience. Eufora has always been about our people, our nation of hairdressers and owners who have made us who we are. What better way to bring this to life than to celebrate the real life stories of real Eufora leaders… our educators, trainers, customers and yes, our “family”.

“We’re different.” I told the audience from Mainstage during the opening session of Global Connection 2019. “Expect the unexpected. This will not be just another ordinary hair show”.

Our message for this Global Connection was “Become What You Imagine” and this brought special meaning to every aspect of the event. The inspiration and creativity flowed from the Mainstage presentations, to the Gala Evening and Stylists of the Year Awards celebration, to the powerful breakout sessions hosted by amazingly creative, talented trainers and business leaders.

The “connection” created through this event was mind-blowing to watch come to life – so strong and powerful! From the flood of emails, calls, posts and texts I have received, the unique experience that Eufora gives to salon professionals is embraced and celebrated now more than ever by our Eufora Nation and Salon Professionals everywhere.

I am so joyful, proud and grateful for our Eufora Corporate Team, our Educators, our Distributors and Sales Professionals who showed up in a big way to make sure this was a Global Connection that no one would ever forget.

There were so many great moments, it’s hard to recap in words, so why try. Instead, I invite you all to visit euforaglobal.com where you will find a great photo essay of the event along with some post-event resources and opportunities. Seeing the retrospective makes me smile every time.

In closing, I want to extend my THANKS to you, our network of salons. In the end, Eufora would be nothing without the support of all of YOU.

Very Truly Yours,


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