"Purpose Fuels Passion"

Dear Eufora Nation,

More innovation, more value, more consumer and team engagement. These are the things that today’s ever changing and evolving industry is demanding of us all to stay relevant and successful. But just doing more is not the solution to growing a business that is set up to win for the future.

A question that Don and I always asked ourselves from the inception of Eufora is: How are we impacting others? Are we living Our Purpose...

“To elevate the industry and serve salon professionals and their clients so they may live their best and most beautiful lives.”

Your purpose is not your vision for the future, but it’s the “reason” why your business exists. It’s what gives you the greatest satisfaction for all your hard work each day. Today, the biggest opportunity for businesses and the people who lead them is to define their true purpose and share it with the world.

Do you have a clearly defined purpose? One that excites you to show up every day and bring it to life? One that gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment? One that you passionately share with your team and customers? A clearly defined and passionate purpose allows you to express it in every aspect of your business and life and lets you play a meaningful role in the world.

For 20 years, our purpose has always lived proudly in every facet of our brand. It resonates through everything we do and every decision we make. Today “Clean Beauty” and “Sustainability” are the newest industry buzz terms, but this is nothing new to Eufora. These concepts have always lived strongly in our purpose. From our ingredient choices, to our commitment, to real industry education, to how we treat our partners and customers, to our philanthropic efforts through our long-term dedication to Childhelp, I’m proud of the purpose-driven business Eufora has sustained.

“Purpose spurs passion - Which fans the sparks - That lights the fires - That fuels change” ~Richard Branson

No doubt the competition is fierce, and everything is changing. Define your clear and passionate purpose, plan everything you do and measure your success against it. It's empowering and gives you clarity to your path ahead. You will create a business that engages and inspires your team and your customers and fuels a rewarding and successful business - a business that can stand the test of time no matter what challenges may come your way.


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