"Purposefully Defiant"

Dear Eufora Nation,

There is an old saying… “if you can’t beat them… join them”. In recent years, this seems to be the popular option being taken by many industry product companies.

As CEO of a salon professional product company, I’m often asked if Eufora will partner with the online giants such as Amazon. My answer is an emphatic and defiant NO! I’ve been approached multiple times to partner with Amazon and other online retailers. Could Eufora sell more product, make more money and gain more exposure by agreeing to this sales channel? Sure.

So why would Eufora NOT jump on the Amazon bandwagon? For me, the answer is simple. Over the course of the past 3 decades, our industry has built many mega brands on the recommendation, loyalty and passion of the salon professional. It has always been our belief that the salon professionals who help build this industry deserve to reap the benefits of their loyalty. They should continue to thrive financially through those retail brands they use and recommend.

This is not to say that we stick our heads in the sand and ignore the online revolution. We must find innovative and better ways to embrace the future without harming the salon’s profitability and disregarding their loyalty.

Consumers WILL buy from salons, but earning their trust and loyalty is more important than ever before. Today, more than ever, the consumer is demanding an exceptional experience. They want a trusted advisor to help them cut through the clutter of online product marketing gimmicks.

What can we do as owners, stylists and manufacturer?

  • We need to stand together for the future of our industry.
  • We need to stand by the people, companies and brands who stand up for stylists’ success as an artist and the salons' future financial success.
  • We must engage our teams and our clients in conversations about the benefit of personal consultations and buying from the salon, as well as the threats, problems and potential contamination issues that can come with buying unauthorized products online.

In today’s retail climate, it is critical that stylists and salon owners remember that THEY have the BIGGEST VOICE and the power to shape the future of our industry.

In closing, I want you all to know that Eufora remains dedicated to the advancement of our industry and the talented people who drive it. Our 20- year commitment will not change. In the past year our fight against unauthorized online sales has resulted in 70% reduction of third party Amazon sellers. Where there used to be close to 2000 grey market Eufora products on Amazon, there are now less than 400.

We are a brand that chooses to fight for salon success and profitability!

We choose to be #purposefullydefiant

Very Truly Yours,


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