"Stand Up, Speak Out, Be a Changemaker"

Dear Eufora Nation,

2019 is destined to be a year of excitement and inspiration as we navigate the waters of change in our industry and our world. Looking forward I have high hopes and great expectations for the Eufora Nation and what lies ahead. I challenge myself and our team at Eufora every day to “think different”, to bring new, and innovative thought processes to everything we do. I am so thankful to be surrounded by a nation of passionate people that are striving together for the advancement of our industry.

It is such a critical time to speak out for beauty and take action to safeguard the future of the salon and those who cultivate their artistry to keep the salon experience alive. United I am confident we can pave the way to a better future for the generations of salon professionals who come after us. But to accomplish this we must embrace each day as a new opportunity for progress. The hopes, dreams and goals we set for ourselves can only become possible with a commitment to action.

Bold action in the new year means standing up, speaking out and becoming adamant about the value and values of our industry. Action can be as simple as implementing better success strategies and embracing new resources for your business. Even Eufora Magazine is designed to help you discover ways to change and grow. Things like relevant consumer stats, sampling programs, fresh salon signage and marketing templates – all will be at your fingertips each season, but it only benefits you when you take action.

My personal wish for our Nation as we embark upon this new year? That we have the purpose, power and passion to keep pushing our boundaries, to challenge the status quo and come together to innovate a vibrant future, so that all of you are able to see your dreams blossom into reality.

As that famous saying goes – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Looking forward to seeing you all at a changemaking 2019 Global Connection!

Very Truly Yours,


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