Stepping Behind the Scenes

Stylists experience the ins and outs of photoshoot styling at The Eufora Advanced Training Academy.

Ever wondered how stylists get chosen to work behind the scenes on a photoshoot or video production? The Eufora Editorial and Session Styling Course is one gateway.  Conducted in New York, at the Eufora Studio Salon, the intimate and very hands on course is led by Eufora Style Director, Mirza Batanovic, who has spent the last decade actively involved in New York Fashion Week as well as creating his own collections for NAHA and Eufora International. The Editorial Styling Course is limited to only 5 stylists per session.  This small group experience allows stylists to explore their own abilities when it comes to session styling, and also provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with other artists both on set and off.

What makes the course exceptional? The fact that each stylist is able to lead an actual photoshoot of their own. They select the model, concept the story, craft the looks and then bring their vision to life.  All within an intense 3 day time frame during which stylists learn to consult with make-up artists and wardrobe stylists, collaborate with the photographer on best angles and lighting for hair, and, finally, get the model on set and practice guiding a model through body positioning and expressions that capture the vision and the hair in the most compelling ways possible.

Prior to the actual shoot day, Batanovic works with the attendees on foundational techniques that can be easily expanded upon.  “Think pony tails, updos that have shape that can be expanded, a curl set that's perfectly dressed. and a big texture story.” says Batanovic. The tips and tricks help bring the vision to life more quickly, allowing stylists to shift and adapt looks as needed, and all are designed to make it “less scary” for stylists who have never been on set.

 Each stylist leaves NYC with the beginnings of their own portfolio, and newfound confidence when it comes to submitting for publication or entering a competition.

 “After my first time taking this class, I gained confidence to organize and run a successful photoshoot… That same year, I organized my own shoot at my salon to enter the Eufora Stylist of the Year Awards, and, to my surprise, I was nominated as a finalist!... Having gotten so much out of the class, I attended a second time in New York.  I learned how to create many styles with confidence and speed.  Time management was a huge lesson, on top of technical tips and tricks. Now, I am going to step out of my comfort zone…I plan to enter NAHA this year!” Katie Bruce, Goode Hair Studio.

The most recent Academy session attendees were in New York just as COVID-19 began its takeover, so all stylists were particularly grateful that they were able to get in, get the shoot done and leave the Academy with both great deliverables and new found inspiration. While the Academy is on hiatus right now, due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, look for new dates to open up in 2021.  In the meantime, Eufora shares some of the latest Course “photo selects” here.

About Eufora 
In a category that’s crowded with rampant brand over promising, the Eufora voice stands out as honest, real and personal.  It takes its cues from the vision of company founders, Don and Beth Bewley, who, in 1997, started a hair care company built on a foundation of passion, integrity and caring for the professional salon world. Today Eufora is recognized globally for a vision that extends beyond the innovation of people and planet friendly products, delivering on a promise to provide incomparable leadership programs and technical training to nurture and grow the next generation of salon professionals. For more information or to find a Eufora Salon please visit

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