"Welcome To a Place For Learning"

Dear Eufora Nation,

September 4th, 2018: During my morning ritual of checking email and a quick scroll through Facebook, I found myself smiling at the many posts of children heading off to their first day of school. From the emotional first day of kindergarten to the worrisome first day of high school (and every grade in between) moms, dads and kids were posting adorable photos and sharing their excitement for their next year of learning and growing.

It brought back so many memories of my own children’s first days of school, and also reminded me of one of my husband’s most famous quotes - “Never a Master, Always a Student”. What Don meant by this is that learning should never stop. The day we stop investing in our knowledge and skill is the day we stop growing as professionals and as human beings.

So... what are your “learning and growing” plans in the coming year? What are your personal and professional goals? Maybe it’s to become a better leader or business owner, or communicator. Maybe it’s to become a more skillful cutter or colorist. It could be that you want to learn about photoshoots or being published in a notable magazine. Eufora has always been dedicated to “real” education for salon professionals so that no matter where you are on your professional journey, there is a “place dedicated to learning” here at Eufora that will nurture your professional development and growth.

Don and I have always been proud of the reputation Eufora has as an exceptional “education” company. Our Eufora Advanced Training Academy (now almost 20 years old) is renowned for delivering courses that propel your skills to the next level. Our business programs support stylist and salon owners in their financial success. Even this magazine is dedicated to learning and is full of info and ideas for your business success and creative inspiration. I could go on and on about what Eufora offers for you to grow and learn, but you get it!

Let’s take a cue from all the kids heading back to school and let’s get excited about our own education growth plan for the future. I invite you to check out all that Eufora has to offer you as you set your goals and dreams for the year ahead.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Global Connection 2019!

Very Truly Yours,


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