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Pro Tips For Trending Hairstyles

2021 has found many people in search of a new look. We can probably attribute this desire for change on spending almost all of 2020 in top knots and ponytails with grown out highlights. Regardless of “why”, people seem to be heading to their salon ready for a transformation. We reached out to our team of Eufora Hair Pros for tips on how to style these cool cuts.



The Mullet

The best of both worlds! Short in the front and long in the back, this 80s classic is back in full force with a modern twist that proves everything old is new again. Whether styled curly or straight, this look sends a message of cool confidence. “A mullet requires some texture and grit! Spray Details Spray Wax, directly on damp hair and then rough-dry (blow dry with hands) to keep the look a little messy. After, spray Full Effect Dry Texturizing Spray throughout the interior for fullness and edgy separation.” - Sera Suminski, Eufora Educator

The Bob

Whether you go with a chin length bob or a little longer for a lob, this cut is one that works with virtually any hair type and texture. They feel a little French and can be worn in a number of ways, slicked, flipped, they’ll have everyone saying ooh la la! “To achieve a sleek bob I like to apply a mixture of Sculpture Light Styling Glaze and Straightening Balm Smoothing Blow-Dry Cream to damp hair. Using tight tension, blow dry completely with a medium brush creating the desired shape. Finally, to prevent frizz and add shine, spray all over with Gloss Dry Shine Spray.” - Jeffrey Mayo, Eufora National Trainer

Face Framing Layers

Layers are a great way to emphasize movement and provide an effortless lived-in look. When done right, they can flatter your face by drawing attention to cheekbones, creating an instant facelift, and help to balance your face. “When styling face framing layers, I like to cocktail Piece Works Defining Fiber Paste and Pure Polish Shine Emollient together and distribute from roots to ends. It’s going to give a glossy thick finish along with the support to hold the style! A little help from directional round brushing with a blow dryer and concentrator combo will help to set the style as well. ” - Kristen Cannon, Eufora Educator

Curly Shag

Hello 70s! Women are embracing their waves, curls and coils and the shag is a fun retro inspired way to show off those swirls. This versatile cut can work for multiple lengths and textures making it a hot choice for a new look. “Curls are everywhere and the shag is a great way to showcase texture. To style, I suggest layering Perfect Curl Activator, Defining Solution and Forming Cream on damp hair before drying with a diffuser attachment. Once dry, lightly tousle with your hands then spray all over with Details Spray Wax to enhance definition and seal out humidity.“

Curtain Bangs

This fresh take on fringe doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. It’s a little flirty and a good way to change up your look without going full chop. This style also works with a lot of hair types and textures though it may take some practice to get them to lay right. “Curtain Bangs are definitely trending in the salon right now! The best way to style is by using products that offer soft to moderate hold for flexible movement. I recommend using Sculpture Light Styling Glaze and adding in a little Behave Lightweight Styling Cream if you’re in need of a bit more hold and curl control or frizz fighting. Finish your fringe with a little Full Effect Dry Texturizing Spray for added volume and control.”



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