I Define Me HERO Collection and Tutorial

I Define ME.

Dana Caschetta and Julie Cross, leaders of our own Eufora Men’s Team, recently got together in New York to shoot a new collection. We asked Dana and Julie where they find their inspiration to push the men’s grooming envelope, they had a special story to share.

“When Eufora was founded, co-founder Don Bewley made a promise that Eufora would always be a home for men’s trend education with a classic barber influence.

Today we have the chance to lead a Men’s Team that is here to uphold that promise; it’s a big responsibility. We are proud to carry forward Don’s vision as we stand up for an educational platform that rings true with what today’s modern man wants to wear!

Our talented team of men’s grooming specialists come from diverse backgrounds. We each bring our own style, personality and training experience. As a team we are thrilled to be hitting the road again, sharing a fresh new message.

The men’s world today is a really cool place. Guys care. They’re open to trying new things. Styles have movement, texture and versatility with crisp clean detail – looks not just for the hairstylist or the barber to create. To best serve your male clientele you need to understand both worlds.

- Dana Caschetta

Our goal is to marry the two styles and deliver the best in men’s grooming practices. Our education includes relevant techniques to help master the aspects of each realm.”

HAIR: Eufora National Trainers
@danacash_ & @hero.julie.eufora
PHOTOGRAPHY: @markshort

Super HERO Haircut Tutorial


  1. Start with a center mohawk section from the front hairline to drop crown. Project the hair straight up and cut parallel to the floor 3-4”.
  2. Zone 1 (top of head, recession to recession around parietal ridge) Take vertical sections, beginning on front right side. Project hair straight up, angle fingers down at 45°, the mohawk section is your guide. Repeat for left side.
  3. Zone 2 (Parietal ridge to top of ear) Starting on the right side, take vertical sections, project them straight out and cut parallel to the wall, using the bottom of Zone 1 as your guide.
  4. Zones 3 & 4 (top of ear to nape) Create a taper in remaining hair using scissor over comb technique, blending to Zone 2.
  5. Comb fringe forward and cut 1” above eyebrow.
  6. Using a straight razor, Sculpture cut through the parietal ridge to collapse and create movement.
  7. Use the tip of the razor to add texture to the top.
  8. Detail the perimeter.



  1. Apply a small amount of Eufora Hero for Men Styling Mud to damp hair.
  2. Blow dry with fingers or a Denman brush to create lift and encourage direction.
  3. Work more Styling Mud through dry hair to add separation and enhance texture.



Styling Mud


Photographer: Hillary Wakamatsu


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