Shave Tips

Shave Tips

Sorting through all of the information in today’s shave scene can be confusing. Here are some helpful hints, from Eufora National Trainer Julie Cross, to keep your face and skin in top form.

Model applying shaving cream with brush

The difference between a Classic Foaming Shave Product and a 3-in-1 Soothing Shave Solution may come down to preference. Classic Foaming Shave Products provide moisture and slip with a rich foam. 3-in-1 Soothing Shave Solutions offer great skincare benefits and simplify facial hair detailing (marking out) with a translucent formula.

Shaving after a shower is always best. The steam helps to prepare skin and soften the beard. That’s why a good barber always begins a shave ritual with a hot towel.

The easiest way to get exceptional lather with a brush is to start with a small amount of product and slowly add water. You can use a bowl or your hand to whip up a full lather. Applying Eufora HERO for Men™ CLASSIC SHAVE with a brush keeps the lather airier. Using your fingers makes it a little creamier. The bristles of the brush also work to gently exfoliate skin and raise beard hairs. Doing so helps promote a closer shave.

Allow shave product (Foam or Oil) to sit on your face for about a minute before shaving. This helps soften beard hairs, making them easier to shave. To reduce the risk of irritation, you should shave with the growth pattern of your beard. It’s okay to do a second pass “across the grain.” Shaving “against the grain” can lead to irritation.

A Post Shave product should always be used to calm and rebalance skin. Maintaining the skins’ natural acid-mantle, pH balance and moisture after a shave are key components of proper skincare.


How to apply shaving cream to a brush

A great shave brush is the ultimate tool for the confident guy. The right shave brush will gently exfoliate dry, rough skin while raising the beard just enough for the closest shave.

Apply a medium sized dollop of CLASSIC SHAVE to hand (or in a bowl).

Dip the SHAVE BRUSH tip into warm water and "flick" out excess moisture. Press hairs into product and work brush in a circular motion to create foam.

Pressing up against your natural beard growth, apply CLASSIC SHAVE. Pressing up against beard growth will naturally raise hairs and exfoliate skin.

Repeat previous steps to create a rich lather. Squeeze lather from SHAVE BRUSH by pressing between your thumb and index finger. Scoop up lather with brush and apply to beard to keep foam full and moist.

Shave, rinse and apply Eufora HERO for Men™ POST SHAVE.

Thoroughly rinse brush and wipe out excess water with a towel in preparation for your next shave.


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